Stagers say popular home design trends may look stylish to owners but not to buyers. Don’t mix too many metals, for example – and neutral wall colors still work best.

CHICAGO – Home staging can show off a home in its best light. Adding simple, updated decor can make a space feel warm and inviting. But stagers say a few popular trends in home design should be avoided when prepping a home for sale:

  • Too many mixed metals: Mixed metals are a hot home trend, such as combining brushed nickel with matte black. It can add dimension and depth to a design – but don’t go overboard. Some fixture finishes don’t look right with others.

    “Brass nickel is out,” Janice Rosenberg, a real estate pro in Raleigh, N.C., told HomeLight. “Getting rid of that helps update a home. Brushed nickel is fine, and oil rubbed bronze is typically fine.”

    Designers suggest using two or three mixed metals at the most. Don’t have every fixture be something different. “Pick one that will be the dominant finish, then one or two additionally complementary colors of a cohesive look,” HomeLight notes.

  • Accent walls: Color pops are a hot trend, and the colors of 2020 are a lot bolder. But neutral palettes still reign in staging. Avoid adding color pops by painting a large wall a bright color for one accent wall. Keep the colors neutral and add pops of color instead through artwork, accessories, furnishings, etc.

    Wallpaper is another popular trend at the moment but it “can add visual clutter,” Rosenberg says.

  • Cheap decorations: Stronger personalities are being expressed through current home designs. But the mantra in staging is still to stay neutral and try to appeal to the largest buyer pool. That doesn’t mean stripping a listing of all personality, though.

    “Don’t just pick up generic, plastic or cheap decor,” notes on its blog. “Have a fresh vase of flowers visible upon entering the home; even go the extra mile to make sure everything is sparkling clean and nicely placed.” Stick with classic choices for home decor so the home appeals to a broad audience of buyers, but also don’t get rid of accents that are unique to showcase the personality of the home.

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