Florida Realtors economist: An infographic tool customizable by zip code empowers members to create personal, localized infographics they can share on social media.

ORLANDO, Fla – One way to stand out and score more coveted listings? Publish an infographic with the local information buyers and sellers want – proof that you’re the local market expert. The research department at Florida Realtors® made it easy with a free tool for members – the Infographic Creator, which is part of SunStats (sunstats.floridarealtors.org).

The new Infographic Creator tool creates images completely customizable by location, property type, metric and reporting timeframe. Make a few selections and you’ll instantly get a professionally designed image that can be printed or shared via email or social media, complete with personalized branding.

The customizable feature means members can create an infographic based on one property type with six metrics or two property types with three metrics. A comparison of a zip code’s single-family homes compared to its townhouses, for example, makes the conversation easier when buyers must decide which one makes the most sense for them.

While a monthly update might be appropriate for social media marketing, members can also create individualized infographics for specific clients, whether they’re on the buy or sell side. Answer questions like, “How long will it take to sell my house?” or “How close to my list price am I likely to get?” or “How many other properties are on the market?”, and, of course, “What’s the typical sale price around here?”

To add the infographic tool to your marketing arsenal, first take a spin around the SunStats page and create a few infographics – ones that you might add to your next listing appointment materials, push to your newsfeed on social media, or embed in an email blast to clients.

In a time when tech-savvy clients have free online resources, this new infographic tool arms Realtors in Florida with data that only their membership allows them to access. It also presents critical information in an engaging and non-threatening way. So, go ahead. Take a peek and get to creating!

Jennifer Warner is a Florida Realtors economist and director of economic development

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