A number of changes – lines for association information, wording changes, references and a new rider for the Vacant Land Contract – will go into effect on Tuesday, March 9.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors has updated some forms, and the changes go into effect on Tuesday, March 9. The update includes:

  1. Contract to Lease – An additional line was added for a potential second tenant’s address, telephone number and email address
  2. Kick Out Clause rider – A new rider was created to use with the Vacant Land Contract
  3. Sale of Buyer’s Property to the Extension Addendum – A line was added for extension of Sale of Buyer’s Property to the Extension Addendum. In addition, a line was removed – “Feasibility Period” is no longer used in Florida Realtors’ Vacant Land contract
  4. Vacant Land Contract – several changes were made to this one:
  5. The term “Contract” is now capitalized throughout the document
  6.  “Feasibility Study Period” on line 139 is changed to “Due Diligence Period” – and all other references to “Feasibility Study Period” in the Vacant Land Contract have also been changed to “Due Diligence Period”
  7. The reference to “reside in property” (paragraph 19) was removed
  8. Add Kick Out Clause addendum section (see above #2)
  9. CRSP HOA and condo addenda – Lines were added to both documents, but in similar references, concerning any management company contact information
  10. Exclusive Right to Lease Agreement – The term “leasing period” changed to “listing period.” The term “listing” was added to the title of the form, and the definition term “leasing period” was changed to “listing period.” In addition, all references to “leasing period” have been changed to “listing period” throughout the agreement

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