Vacationers see private home rentals as a safer pandemic option, and demand has gone up. Fla. ranks second after Calif. with 154K listings and an occupancy rate of 55%.

NEW YORK – Short-term rentals are big business, gaining popularity during the pandemic as more homeowners viewed the private spaces as a safer option.

For Airbnb, the average length of stay at its host homes increased to six days, and visitors booked more rural locations since the pandemic started – though some hosts converted their units into long-term housing to accommodate a growing demand.

QuoteWizard, a company that offers insurance quotes and resources, recently looked for the states that had the most active Airbnb listings per 100,000 residents during 2020. They also factored in occupancy rates to determine the top states for Airbnb stays.

Overall, Florida ranked second after California for total number of Airbnb units, but at 55%, it was the top state for filling vacation rental space.

The following states had the highest rate of Airbnb listings and occupancy since the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. California
    Active Airbnb listings: 158,521
    Occupancy rates: 53%
  2. Florida
    Active Airbnb listings: 153,846
    Occupancy rates: 55%
  3. New York
    Active Airbnb listings: 83,964
    Occupancy rates: 49%
  4. Texas
    Active Airbnb listings: 70,038
    Occupancy rates: 48%
  5. Colorado
    Active Airbnb listings: 42,063
    Occupancy rates: 47%
  6. Georgia
    Active Airbnb listings: 38,263
    Occupancy rates: 49%
  7. North Carolina
    Active Airbnb listings: 34,653
    Occupancy rates: 49%
  8. Arizona
    Active Airbnb listings: 27,370
    Occupancy rates: 49%
  9. Washington
    Active Airbnb listings: 25,546
    Occupancy rates: 52%
  10. South Carolina
    Active Airbnb listings: 24,990
    Occupancy rates: 49%

Source: “Insuring an Airbnb Home,” QuoteWizard (Jan. 28, 2021)

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