In July, Realtors across Fla. will clean the state’s beaches, rivers and waterways – a hands-on approach that complements legislative efforts to protect the environment.

ORLANDO, Fla. – If there’s one thing Realtors® in Florida understand well, it’s the timeless allure of a beautiful home on the shores of a sandy beach or the banks of crystal-clear natural springs.

It’s that allure that makes Florida so attractive to out-of-state buyers who dream of spending weekends sunning on some of the best beaches in the world, paddleboarding a nearby river or hiking along a pristine freshwater spring hoping to spy a manatee or two.

While Florida Realtors®’ members understand that although Florida must continue to develop its communities and the industries that support them, it also understands that it can’t be growth at any cost.

In its more than 100-year history, Florida Realtors has been a leading voice to protect our state’s waterways. In the past decade alone, Florida Realtors PAC-supported lawmakers have allocated billions of dollars toward environmental projects that renourish beaches, clean springs, preserve the Everglades and fight the negative impacts of red tide.

“Florida Realtors has made it a top priority to advocate for preserving and protecting Florida’s water resources. Florida’s a destination to live, work and play because of our beautiful waterways and beachlines,” says Florida Realtors 2021 President Cheryl Lambert. “We’ve conducted studies tying home values to water quality, urged lawmakers to prioritize funding, and launched Florida waters’ largest statewide clean-up event in 2020.”

It’s not just political lip service. Realtors know that, sometimes, the best way to make something happen is to get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

This July, for the second year in a row, Realtors will fan out across their communities, descending upon lakes, rivers, springs and beaches around the state with a singular goal: to clean and protect precious and vital waterways.

The event, Florida Realtors Clean Up Florida Waters, is organized by local Realtor associations, Florida Realtors district vice presidents, local Realtor organizations’ Young Professional Networks as well as individual brokerages and Realtor members.

We hope you will get involved

Contact your local board of Realtors for clean-up events in your area. Better yet, if you’re really passionate about Florida’s waterways, why not create a local event yourself? Steps to set up an event, find sponsors and capture attendance can all be found on Florida Realtors’ website page, “Florida Waterways Cleanup Effort.

“Florida Realtors acknowledges that cleaning up Florida’s waters goes beyond litter,” Lambert says. “Members can invest in Florida Realtors PAC to help us effect real change by electing Realtor champions. Sometimes you have to look upstream, to solve the problem.”

An investment in Florida Realtors PAC helps Florida Realtors fuel its advocacy efforts to preserve Florida’s natural resources by directly supporting candidates who have a track record of protecting state waterways and ensuring its natural wonders stay, well, full of wonder.

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