Opportunity to build your international business: The March 18-25, 2022, trip includes the international conference and three days to explore Dubai.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors® representatives will be attending The Dubai Conference this March. Florida Realtor members are invited to sign up to go along and attend the in-person conference.

The conference offers a range of activities, including updates from real estate experts, government officials and regulatory bodies.

The Dubai Conference will take place March 18-25, 2022, which includes 4 days of events and three leisure days in Dubai. Members may plan to leave Florida on March 18 or 19 and return on March 25.

Conference cost information

  • $500 (U.S.) per delegate for non DIPC holders (Dubai international property consultant license holders)
  • $350 per delegate for DIPC holders
  • Combo opportunity: $700 delegation price includes DIPC license
  • Hotel prices range from $150 to $400 (U.S.)
  • Attendees are responsible for their own transportation costs

Conference travel information

  • Hotels: Confirmed registrants will receive hotel discount and additional travel information shortly
  • Airfare: Emirates airlines will offer flight discounts, but only to those officially registered in the system
  • Ground transportation: Dubai offers buses to the conference venues from its various hotels, but transport from the airport is on your own. One possible exception: Emirates flights may offer airport transportation if it hosts large numbers of delegates, though that won’t apply to return transportation
  • Health requirements: None to travel from the U.S., per the Dubai health authority. However, conference EXPO visitors must either show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter

To register for the conference, visit the Dubai International Real Estate Conference & Trade Mission’s website.

‘Super Brokers of Dubai’

Conference attendees also have a unique opportunity for a role in “Super Brokers of Dubai,” a television show slated for broadcast on Netflix in September. The show will be a competition, and Realtors can apply to be “team members.” The show offers a preview online (password Sbod2021).

  • All brokers attending the conference will have an opportunity to be cast for the show, either the initial season or one of four upcoming seasons.
  • Show producers say they plan to franchise the concept to 25 additional world cities.
  • Brokers will have an option to invest in the program.
  • The show’s “preferred partners” will be able to resell properties and enjoy other benefits.

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