Fla. students may now apply for 2021-22 Education Foundation scholarships. To date, Florida Realtors has awarded $1,739,400 in scholarships to 1,189 students.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Do you have clients with kids in college, or maybe one about to graduate from high school? Or, maybe you know a Realtor colleague in the same situation: If so, you’ll want to tell them about the Student Scholarship Program offered through Florida Realtors® Education Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit corporation that provides real estate-related educational scholarships. But act fast: The application deadline for this year’s program is March 11, 2021, at noon.

“This year is the 12th year for Florida Realtors’ Student Scholarships Program, which continues to be a strong and successful outreach program,” says Brenda Fioretti, chairman of Florida Realtors Education Foundation Inc. “Since it began, Florida Realtors has awarded more than $1.7 million to help young people across Florida realize their college dreams. It’s a privilege to be able to provide much-needed financial support to so many young people and to invest in their futures. This is one way that the state association and our Realtor members give back to our communities.”

Since its inception, Florida Realtors has awarded a total of $1,739,400 in scholarship funding, which has helped 1,189 students go to a college or university.

This student scholarship program is open and available to students whose parents are Realtors or licensed real estate practitioners, or whose parents are employed by any local Realtor board/association or by Florida Realtors, as well as any Florida student currently enrolled at a school (including home-schooled students or those attending a charter school.) It is based on an application form, which can be found on Florida Realtors’ website at https://www.floridarealtors.org/about/scholarships.

Who can apply for the scholarships? Any Florida high school senior who will be attending an undergraduate college or university; any student currently enrolled in an undergraduate college or university (any major); or any student pursuing a graduate degree is eligible. There are no limitations as to location of the college or university attended, as long as the applicant indicates the intent to return to work in Florida after graduation. Proof of the student’s legal Florida residency is required, however.

As part of the application process, students must do the following:

  • Complete the online application (including a paragraph or two about how the scholarship might help them in their career)
  • Upload a Florida driver’s license or government ID to prove Florida residency
  • Upload transcripts from the last three years of school
  • Provide three reference letters on school letterhead (one letter can be a personal reference but the other two must be from teachers, coaches, or school administrators)
  • Upload the acceptance letter from one or more colleges where the student plans to attend in fall 2021

Scholarships start at $1,000; the number of scholarships and dollar amounts awarded may vary each year and are determined by the Education Foundation’s Board of Directors. Criteria to be considered include, but aren’t limited to the following: academic achievements, financial need, relationship to the Realtor family, and contributions to family, school and community. The Foundation’s Board of Directors has “sole and absolute discretion” over all decisions as to whether an applicant qualifies.

An important reminder to all applicants: The Florida Realtors Education Foundation Scholarship application is only available online. Please note that applications may not be mailed or faxed in for this scholarship. Only the applications submitted through this website will be eligible for review.

Reminder: March 11 at noon is the deadline to fill out the online application for the Florida Realtors Education Foundation’s student scholarship program. Find the application form and check out FAQs on Florida Realtors’ member website’s scholarships page.

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