An app debuting in June seems to be a mashup between crowdfunding, dating and short-term rental investing. Users can invest in property worldwide using only a smartphone.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Technology has expanded investment opportunities in real estate, and a new app, Vaycaychella, owned by World Series of Golf (WSGF) is in beta testing with plans to debut in June.

According to the company, the app is “an alternative finance application designed to facilitate the purchase of short-term rental properties.” Its main function is to “empower a new generation of short-term rental property operator entrepreneurs (or Rentrepreneurs) and give access to a new generation of real estate investors.”

It’s also a bit like a dating app. An entrepreneur identifies a property that could make money as a short-term rental and posts the information and a financial goal. Users can study the proposal and offer all or partial funding.

New technology often fades away, in part because success invites other players to compete. But the app claims to be a first-of-its-kind that “targets a retail investor market with a different strategy than other investment apps.”

The designers say that should “keep competitors at a distance and allow Vaycaychella to accelerate planned expansion into the short-term rental ecosystem with a different focus from rental apps like Airbnb (ABNB), VRBO, and Expedia, which concentrate on landlord/tenant relationships.”

WSGF is optimistic about the new app, even though good ideas don’t always translate into financial bottom lines. Still, it claims that the app could deliver “upwards of $100 million in revenues in the first year of its full production launch” and “providing seamless, quick and efficient exposure to global real estate investment could be one of the most important new apps in 2021.”

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