Entertaining real estate memes can attract social media users like millennials, who may look at 20 to 30 memes daily, which could lead to a 60% increase in engagement.

NORWALK, Conn. – Social media has become an important marketing tool for real estate professionals, but consumers often scroll through their feeds inattentively. To attract prospects, agents can incorporate some humor to their marketing methods, alongside educational and promotional posts.

For instance, real estate memes can be both relatable and engaging, and can help entertain millennials, the largest generation of home buyers. Forbes estimates there are more than 3 billion social media users, of whom at least 60% are looking for funny and entertaining content.

Millennials usually look at an estimated 20 to 30 memes every day, which can eventually lead to a 60% increase in engagement with 10 times the reach. But no matter the generation or demographic, these images use positive emotions to break the ice and potentially enhance brand exposure.

Tips for agents include developing a meme library using sources like Giphy, Imgflip, and Canva, and selecting memes based on how well they match with the agent’s brand identity. It is also essential to understand the targeted audience and avoid any politics to prevent alienating members of their audience.

Source: RISMedia (09/22/21) Brown, Paige

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