On July 22, 2021, Florida Realtors released a new addendum for use with Florida Realtors contracts, the Escalation Addendum to Contract, available through Form Simplicity and other licensed vendors. FAQs and how-to-complete info is available on the association’s website.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors® released a new form, Escalation Addendum to Contract, on July 22, 2021, available now in Form Simplicity and through other licensed vendors. This form can be used with any of the Florida Realtors contracts, as reflected in the new form.

To help members become familiar with the new form, two additional accompanying documents have also been published to provide guidance to members using the addendum.

  1. How to Complete Escalation Addendum to Contract (automatic download)
  1. Q&A on Escalation Addendum to Contract

Members should take time to review the new form carefully – as well as the supporting documents – as these resources should help answer many of your questions.

Still have a question, though? Call Florida Realtors Legal Hotline at (407) 438-1409.

Meredith Caruso is Associate General Counsel for Florida Realtors

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