Don’t ignore social media and newer forms of marketing, but getting out into the community and holding open houses can be more effective tools for lead generation.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents who need clients should run toward – not from – tried-and-true marketing techniques, says Alex Adabashi, a Las Vegas real estate broker with almost 25 years of experience.

Canvassing the community and holding open houses, he says, are traditional practices that remain invaluable for the connection they forge between realty professionals and prospective buyers.

At the same time, however, Adabashi says ignoring social media and other digital strategies would be a mistake – especially considering so many buyers begin their search on Google.

Adaption and innovation are also critical.

“I’ve found flexibility to be a key ingredient in constructing a marketing strategy,” Adabashi notes. “It’s essential to adapt and pivot based on what resonates with your audience.”

Additionally, he encourages agents to cultivate their own unique brand to differentiate them from their peers, saying it can elevate their career to “new heights.”

Importantly, “become a real estate resource to everyone you meet” and back that reputation up with sincere connections, top-notch service and continuous learning, he says.

“Each interaction, each innovative strategy and each relationship nurtured is a stepping stone toward a fulfilling and prosperous career.”

Source: Inman (10/27/23) Adabashi, Alex

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