Optimize your profile, include your real estate specialties and the areas you cover, use appropriate hashtags for shared content and offer fun polls to take.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Social media enables real estate professionals to stay connected with past, present and future clients long after deals close. It also enables professionals to build new connections in their local networks or with those looking to relocate.

To improve social media engagement, agents should ensure their profile is polished like their resume, with the areas they cover and their specialties.

Once they optimize their profile, they should use appropriate hashtags for the shared content, such as #livingin(yourcity), #movingto(yourcity), or #(yourcity)realestate. Tools like Hashtagify, Tagsfinder and Kicksta can help target the proper hashtags.

Polls are another way to engage followers, such as asking them to choose between two different kitchens or outdoor spaces.

Real estate professionals should also rely more on video and tag people they’re with. Scroll-stopping photos can ensure that people check out their posts; these include pictures of them and their family or landmark destinations. They should always tag their location, tell a story, share family photos, and document their day.

These actions provide potential clients with a sense of their authenticity. Other tips include highlighting local businesses and sharing personal likes and hobbies to ensure clients know who they are.

Source: Inman (04/15/22) Burgess, Jimmy

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