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Can AI Match Luxury Agents With Well-Heeled Buyers?

Until recently, RE technology focused on the middle market, but the luxury market could soon see some disruption as AI helps agents connect with high-net-worth buyers. NEW YORK – Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, augmenting or changing how industries like real estate and others operate. Until recently, real estate technology firms focused on the middle market where comparable, median-priced homes offer ample data points to feed algorithms that underline new tools and churn novel market insights in real time. However, the luxury market could see disruption as well, as some say AI can help real estate agents connect
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Real Estate Q&A: Inherited Home Sales Can Get Tricky

Gary M. Singer Three siblings inherited their sister’s house upon her death, and then one of the brothers died without a will. Can the remaining two siblings still sell the house? FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Question: My sister passed away and left her house to me and our two brothers. The three of us decided to sell the house, but before we could, one of my brothers also passed away. He was single with no children and did not have a will. Can we still sell the house? – Richard Answer: You will be able to sell the house eventually,
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When is a closing agent not an escrow agent?

  By Meredith Caruso It’s not a trick question. An escrow agent oversees just that – escrow – and a closing agent oversees closings. It’s still confusing for a few Realtors, however, because the same person often does both tasks. After a while, these Realtors start thinking they’re the same thing. ORLANDO, Fla. – In completing one of the Florida Realtors contracts, there are spaces for the escrow agent’s information, including name, address, and telephone number. Not only is this information required per 61J2 14.008(2)(b) of the Florida Administrative Code, aka your FREC rules, but it lets the buyer know
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